These are all true stories and events that pertain to Casino Rueda!

1.  I was teaching a Casino Rueda workshop to beginners. We went over the first several basic moves extensively, as many people were having trouble with them. One of the students suddenly made a loud sneeze. Another student immediately said, "Enchufla!"

2.  I was at a club and a few Rueda dancers were forming a circle.  We needed one more follower, so we looked around and asked a very strong woman dancer if she'd mind stepping into the circle even though she didn't have much Rueda background. She spoke Spanish and had lots of Salsa experience; we figured the leaders could get her through the steps.  So we started dancing and she was doing fine. Then the leader called "Beso" and she suddenly ducked!!

3.  I arranged for a few advanced Rueda dancers to do a demo at a club some years back.  There were two couples and as is the custom, the caller was making very sure that the other leader heard the calls over the loud music. 

So the caller looked right at the other lead, yelled the calls really loud while gesturing the hand signals very broadly.  After the show, I asked the guy who wasn't leading what his family thought, since they'd all come down to see us.  He said, "My mother liked the dancing, but she asked me why the other guy was yelling at me the whole time!"

4.  One day in my Catonsville class, I was teaching Kentucky Complicado which is a very nice but pretty complicated step.  A guy in the class who is very funny commented after mastering the move that in basic training for the army, if someone did something against the rules, their commanding officer could yell:  "Give me 20 Kentucky Complicados!!"

5.  When I first began dancing Casino Rueda, I constructed a "Rueda Trivia" quiz for someone's birthday. They were to call out the questions and the dancers in a circle would dance the answer.  Below are some of the items. 
The question is listed first and then the "answer" (i.e. rueda step).

Home of a horse-racing derby -

A very large hill

A car gets ahead of another car

A car weaves ahead of several cars

Pasea complicado
A swear word

A swear word and a drink

Dame con coca cola
The fourth prime number


Do this with a hot iron

La presa

Bottles of beer on the wall after 9 choruses

Summer fruit

El melon
Scant bathing suit

Enchufla bikini
First name of a weight loss program

La Jenny
Sherlock Holmes called her "Your Majesty"

La Victoria
Rueda step with an obscene hand signal

Wedding night fun results in this

Four of them make a dollar

La cuadra