Ankara, Turkey

For Rueda classes in Ankara, check out

Barcelona, Spain
Jorge teaches Rueda de Casino in Barcelona.  His phone number is +34 663350591 and his email is
Cadiz Province; South of Spain
Inma Dominguez teaches Rueda de Casino in a city called Vejer which is in the province of Cadiz, in the south of Spain.  Her email for further information is: una The group is called "Salsa sin fronteras."
Montpellier, France 
Cathy and Gilbert Cadene do Rueda de Casino (along with swing dancing) in Montpellier, France and possibly other cities in France.  For more information, you can write to:, or or visit this website:
Vienna, Austria
I have been told that at Club Habana, they have Rueda instruction. Check out this website which is in German for information:  The email is
Minsk, Belarus
I have been told they have rueda classes in this city and the above link gets you to a site with the info in Russian.
Oslo, Norway has information on Rueda classes, along with all the Salsa information.  The email is
Tempere, Finland
Paula is a contact person in Tempere, Finland for Rueda de Casino.  She reports that a "salsa society" has been established there, named Azucar and they do some Rueda.  You can contact her for specific information at:      
Stockholm, Sweden
In Stockholm, Sweden, Ibiracay Regueira teaches Rueda de Casino. The group is called Sacuye Latin Dancers and they can be reached at this email:           
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Freddy Stuyver is the director of Salsa Caliente, a Cuban Salsa School in Amsterdam.  For information on Rueda classes at Salsa Caliente in Amsterdam (there are a number of Salsa schools elsewhere with the same name), check out this link. It gets you to the English page of the site: or email
Groningen, Netherlands
Roy teaches in this city which happens to also be the name of a province in the Netherlands. The site is  However, this website may not be readable to a lot of readers.  But you can also email Roy for further info at:
Netherlands (city uncertain)
The following website is for a Salsa school that also teaches some Rueda:  On that website, there is an email form so you can email a question.  I'm not sure what city this school is in since the site is in a language I don't read, but it's somewhere in the Netherlands.  The phone number is 053-4354401.
Martellago, Italy
The city of Martellago is in the province of Venice (in Italy). A group there named Rica Salsa teaches Rueda among other things.  Andrea Delaluz has a card with the following website for this group:  The email is  The cell number is 339-8133888.
Catania (Sicily) Italy
In Catania, there is a group named Alma Rumbera that teaches Rueda. For information on their classes, visit www.AlmaRumbera.It.
Rome, Italy
Angela Carli has a website that has all the up to date Salsa information for Rome, Italy which includes Casino Rueda.  Her website is  Check it out!
Rueda is taught in Rome. You can get information at or visit this site: is a site with has Rueda information on it.  There are a lot of details on where things are happening, but as I don't read the language, I am not sure what city(ies) in Italy are represented.  You can also get information by emailing or calling 3398786144-340.
At one time, Giorgia Lacovara and Velentina Guglielmi used to teach Rueda in Rome. They no longer do, but if you wanted information on Rueda in the area, you might try contacting them at
UK (in general--not city specific)
Sometimes websites provide information about their classes, but if you don't live in that area, you aren't familiar with what city/country they are referring to.  So you can check out this website which has info on the United Kingdom.  But I am not sure exactly where the classes are held. Anyone in that area will be able to interpret the information better.  It's a good site!!
Here is another such example.  This address was given for some activities a few times, but it is not clear to me what the city/country is: Hitchin Town Hall, Brand St, Hitchin, Herts, SG5 1HX.  (FYI, Hitchin and Hertsfordhsire were mentioned at the top of the sites.) But the following three UK sites have a lot of Rueda and Salsa activity.  So if you are going to the UK, you may want to check them all out:,,
Mo Flex teaches Casino Rueda in England.  To see his website click here.
Birmingham (UK)
If you go to, you can click on the button for Rueda classes to get a schedule. Or write to, or, or
Brighton (East Sussex)
Check out for Rueda information, or call (01273)-430918 or write to
Glasgow, Scotland
Duncan and Farah in Glasgow teach Rueda. Check this site:
Leicester, England
Miguel teaches in Leicester and can be reached through this website: .  The email addresses are: and
London, England
Check out Wynn Morris and this site: for info on rueda in London. The email is
There is a group called in London and other areas of the UK.  You can check the website for class information or email:
Also, an Afrocuban group called is based in London as well. Their email is and the phone in England is 44(0)7956976954.
Another London based site is  The email is and the phone is 0795- 2283651.  And check out, too.
A number of the events on the event page of mention Rueda.  You can check that website, or write to
Manchester, England
Juan and Susan teach around Manchester.  Go to  for website information.
Sheffield, England
Rod Lawson teaches a little Rueda but not on a regular basis. Check out his website:  He is also very helpful in providing information on other United Kingdom teachers.
West Sussex, England has Rueda class information for the south of England.  You can also email Charles Wood, who runs a group at: