Congresses and Competitions
Congresses and Competitions

Ramses Padilla Alvarez & his wife Debbie, who are great people, sponsor Cuba Baila in Vancouver, Canada.  It's a great & well-run event! (In 2005, Barb Bernstein, originator of this website, was one of the judges at the event's competition, and one of the teacers in their "Mega-class" which was a very original concept!)  The next event is April 19-20, 2008. To register, or for more info, contact: 778-688-9686 or The accommodations are at the Holiday Inn Downtown Vancouver. Tel:604-684-2151. See for details on this unique event!


     The Miami Rueda Congress held every November
is sponsored Henry Herrera of SalsaRacing and Billy
Fajardo of Dancesation.  Many of the Miami giants were
there (including Rene Gueits of Salsa Lovers and others)----
teaching, performing, etc.  It was great to see the groups
from different cities around the world dance together,
intermingling in Rueda circles. 
Click here to read an article about this unique Congress,
including a description of the competitions, the workshops
and the overall experience from the point of view of
a Rueda instructor and one of the competition's judges
in 2004 and 2005, Barb Bernstein.
Note that Henry Herrera, who sponsors this event,
is one of the "giants" in the field of Rueda,
teaching countless students from all over the
world and producing videos that students
everywhere learn from!


     The Miami Salsa Congress is another annual
event with lots of Salsa and Casino Style
instruction.  This is sponsored by Rene Gueits
of Salsa Lovers Studio.   It's generally around
the same time each year. In 2005 the event was
August 18-21.  All the details are available at this
   There are many great workshops and
dynamite performances at the event. In 2005,
they broke the World Record for the Largest
Rueda Circle which was a kick!  (See photos
on this page.)  Rene brings in good teachers and
performers, and this Congress is well worth
attending. To read an article about the 2005
Congress, click here

This page is devoted to information on Congresses and Competitions which heavily feature Casino Rueda.

Here are web addresses for annual such events.
Above: This shows one part of the ballroom where the world's largest rueda took place. This view got as much of the circle as possible in one camera shot! The room was huge and there were hundreds of dancers

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Above: You go girls! This is the all women's team that won the Rueda competition at the Rueda Congress in Miami, 11/05
Above: Photo from DanceInTime performing the "Charlie's Angels" dance routine at the 07 Miami Salsa Congress.
Above: Photo from DanceInTime performing the "Charlie's Angels" dance routine at the 07 Miami Salsa Congress.