Perth, Australia

Simon Fryda is the principal  instructor at this school. There is lots of Salsa, and they also teach Casino Rueda.  The website for their information is and the email is:

Darwin, Australia

Rueda de Casino classes are offered in Darwin by a dance school called "4 The Love of Dance."  FYI, Darwin is the capital of "outback Australia."  The website for further information is:

Sydney, Australia

Mauricio is one of the teachers at  You can reach them at: for their schedule.

Check out this website for class information:

Also check out this site: And the email is

You can contact both of these email addresses: and for information on both Salsa and Rueda classes in Sydney, Australia.  There were several Rueda classes listed in a newsletter that the group sends out.  You may want to ask for a copy of their most recent newsletter to see everything going on, as there was a great deal of information and many dance options. 

Check out rueda classes also at The phone there is 0403-397474.

Victoria, Australia

In the state of Victoria at the southeastern corner of Australia (which has Melbourne as its capital city), you can find Rueda at the Cuban Dance Academy.  To reach this school, contact Kevin at this email: