Ankara, Turkey

For Rueda classes in Ankara see

Beijing, China
There is someone who teaches Casino Rueda in Beijing, but his website is in Chinese. In case you can read it, the site is: 
Hong Kong, China
Jason Gauci teaches some Casino Rueda in Hong Kong and can be reached at  The website is
Shanghai, China
There is a teacher who teaches a little Casino Rueda in Shanghai. The website is nice; the address is:
For Rueda classes in this city/state go to
In Singapore, there are varied teacers who teach at a club called xenbar in the city.
To get more information, go to:
Tokyo, Japan and Nagoya, Japan
Mr. Yoshiyuki Sakuma and  Ms. Yoko Takemori teach in Tokyo. I believe that they teach some things separately and may also do some work together.  Here are some websites and emails that you can use to get information on these Rueda classes:, or Mr. Sakuma teaches a group called Sol Caliente out of both Tokyo and Nagoya. Also, Yoko Takemori's personal email is and her cell is 09014682854 (in Japan).  There is a website as well, but at the time of this writing it is in Japanese.  It was implied to me that they may get other languages on the site at some point, so you can check it out.  The web address is unusual, but it did work when I checked it:
Kato Tsuyoshi also teaches Rueda de Casino lessons in Tokyo. The website is: and the email is or
Riko, an instructor in Tokyo, teaches casino rueda. For more info, go to:
Frank-Abel Dance school
Frank teaches cuban salsa/rueda de casino/regaetton in Tokyo. For more info, go to:
Another group from Tokyo is called Nippori Salud and the leader of the group, Junko, is also the owner of hte club where they meet.  That club or bar is named Salud. (Nippori is the name of the district in Tokyo where the club is located.) To reach the group for further info, write to:
Kyoto, Japan
A Cuban man named Alberto Alonso teaches in Kyoto and can be reached at  If there is a problem reaching him at that email, you can inquire at a club in Kyoto called Rumbita where he has taught.
My source for information also has said that there is salsa at a restaurant called "El Coyote" (, and their site lists Rueda information.  The Rueda info is at: and that is presumably in Kyoto though due to language issues the location isn't entirely certain.
Nagoya, Japan
At the Hermes Dance School, instructors teach Casino/Cuban style Salsa. For more info, visit:
Bangkok, Thailand
There is some Casino Rueda in Bangkok and you can find info on the classes at or email