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The idea for this site grew out of an experience I had in November, 2004.  That month, I went to the Salsa Rueda Congress in Miami which was organized by Henry Herrera of Salsa Racing.  Since I am a Rueda de Casino teacher myself (check out:, I thought it would be a great chance  to meet others who teach in neighboriring states.  So I emailed all the Rueda teachers I could find within a few states of the Washington, D.C. area, where I live. I asked if they were going in hopes that we might meet and discuss matters of common interest.  To my surprise, many hadn't heard about the event so I filled them in!  I concluded from this that it might be helpful to have a listing of Casino Rueda teachers/schools with contact information to aid communication in the community.

My intention is to list all of the teachers/schools that want to be listed. So anyone who teaches the dance and is not on this list should feel free to contact me. You will note that each listing just indicates a website, contact info, the teacher, and/or the city where the class takes place.  No effort is made to give a schedule or further details since these change so frequently.   Those details should be obtained from the teacher or website! 

I want to add a note about a wonderful film that was made about Cuban dancing.  Two Rueda teachers, Sarita Streng and Eric Johnson, produced a documentary on Cuban Salsa which addresses the origins of Rueda de Casino.  It follows the lives of some members of  "La Rueda de Guanabacoa," a Cuban dance team. A trailer for this movie has been completed and you can watch it by clicking on the link below:

Readers who wish to contact Sarita about contributing to this project in any way can reach her at  She and her helpers are accepting small donations from Salsa dancers by mail to bring this project to life!  (Contact her for the snail mail address to send checks)  Additionally, a DVD "short" is being produced by DanceInTime which complements the documentary on the theme of how Rueda dancing has spread all over the globe!  To see a 60 second trailer of the DanceInTime documentary titled Casino Rueda: Cuban Dance Captures the World, click here.  For more information, contact

I hope you find the information on this website useful in contacting Rueda de Casino groups!  Thanks!

Barbara Bernstein, Rueda de Casino Teacher in VA/D.C./MD area
443-77-DANCE (443-773-2623)

Welcome to the CasinoRuedaConnection website.

The purpose of this website is to share information on Casino Rueda and assist groups in communicating.
Above: Salseros performing at the Verizon Center in Washington DC. The groups were from MD, NY,  VA
Above: DanceInTime's Rueda at the Verizon Center, in D.C.
Above: Members of five Casino Rueda teams from MD, NY, PA, and NJ pose at their joint  performance in Philadelphia. Click here to see a segment of that joint performance.
Above: Shown in front is a Rueda group from Richmond, VA at the Verizon Center  show. To see a short clip of this show, click here
Above: Casino Rueda dancers from Maryland, Washington D.C., and NYC join together to perform at the National Zoo's Hispanic Festival 2003 
The photos below show Rueda de Casino dancers from a variety of countries around the world!  These groups/individuals kindly contributed photos for the epilopgue to the documentary film that is being produced about Rueda de Casino. These photos are just a sampling of those used in the movie epilogue.  

The producers all owe a debt of thanks to all the individuals and groups around the world who contributed material for the documentary..  

This excellent documentary movie will soon be available through the main producers, Sarita Streng or Eric Johnson; you can use this email: to contact them. (Or feel free to contact with orders or inquiries of any type regarding the film and I'll forward your request.)

Last updated: December 16, 2007

Copyright 2005 by Barbara Bernstein of

Above: Rueda dancers Inma and Jose from Salsa sin Fronteras in the Cadiz province of Spain.
Above: Rueda dancers from the group Nippori Salud in Tokyo, Japan.
Above: A Rueda group named Sol Caliente from Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan.
Above: Rueda dancers Ana and Leonel from Caracas, Venezuela.

Above: San Tropez dancers from Montreal, Canada.

NOTE: In the spirit of community, the above photos are from performances  that included at least three different Rueda de Casino groups doing collaborative presentations..